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All of our valuations are valid for 7 days and based on our vehicle assumptions however don’t worry if your vehicle does not meet these assumptions. When we call you we can discuss your vehicle in more detail to make sure we give you the best price.


When providing a quote for your vehicle we make the following assumptions:

1.    You have the registration certificate (V5C) for it.

2.    You have at least one copy of each key needed to unlock and start your vehicle.

3.    Your vehicle has all of its major parts.

4.    Your vehicle has no major damage.

5.    Your vehicle starts and drives.

6.    You have provided an accurate mileage reading for your vehicle.

7.    Your vehicle has not been used for rental, private hire, driving tuition or as an emergency vehicle.

8.    Your vehicle has a current MOT.

9.    Your vehicle has never been categorised by an insurance company as a write-off.

10. Your vehicle has a full service history.