Sell Your Non-Runner Car With Cash For Cars

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How do I sell my non-runner car?

If you are trying to sell a damaged, scrap or non-runner vehicle, you’ll know that it can significantly limit your options for sale, as most online websites are looking for newer plates and no-damage vehicles. This is why scrappage schemes have now become so popular. But, if you’re not ready to send your car to the scrap heap just yet, there is another option for you at Cash For Cars.

Where can I sell my non-runner?

Cash For Cars could be the ideal solution for you. Cash For Cars is a sister brand of Copart UK Limited which specialises in the sale of accident damaged vehicles, including car breakers and non-runners. Our team here at Cash For cars have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to valuing your damaged car and we know that there is no such thing as a lost cause.

What if my non-runner has a lot of damage?

Whether new or old, undamaged or damaged, roadworthy or a non-runner, we’ve seen it all. If you provide a fair and accurate description of your vehicle, we’ll be able to tell you the price we’re willing to pay, and this will be the price you receive.

Do I need to organise transport for my car?

No, with Cash For Cars this is one less thing for you to worry about. We’ll organise the collection of your vehicle and all we ask is that your vehicle is left in an accessible location for our transporters to come and pick it up. And not to mention, this is all free of charge.

Why is Cash For Cars the best place to sell my non-runner?

Copart UK Limited have been working on creating the perfect customer experience for those wanting to sell their cars online easily, efficiently and stress free. By selling with Cash For Cars, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  1. Get the most for your vehicle
  2. No hidden fees
  3. Sell your vehicle quickly
  4. Free collection from your door
  5. We pay what we say*
    *If you have described your vehicle correctly we will not try and chip your agreed price when we collect your vehicle.


When providing a quote for your vehicle we make the following assumptions:

1.    You have the registration certificate (V5C) for it.

2.    You have at least one copy of each key needed to unlock and start your vehicle.

3.    Your vehicle has all of its major parts.

4.    Your vehicle has no major damage.

5.    Your vehicle starts and drives.

6.    You have provided an accurate mileage reading for your vehicle.

7.    Your vehicle has not been used for rental, private hire, driving tuition or as an emergency vehicle.

8.    Your vehicle has a current MOT.

9.    Your vehicle has never been categorised by an insurance company as a write-off.

10. Your vehicle has a full service history.