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Sell my Damaged Car
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How Do I Sell my Damaged Car?

Selling Damaged Cars You’ve found yourself in an unlucky position of having to sell your damaged car. How do you sell it? Private buyer? Scrapyard?

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How to Avoid MOT Failures
MOT Advice

How to Avoid MOT Failures

According to figures from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, 40% of cars and 50% of vans fail their MOT tests. The most common failures

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Selling a Car With No MOT
MOT Advice

Selling a car with No MOT

What is an MOT and What does MOT stand for? It’s a ‘Ministry of Transport test, a legal requirement for all vehicles that are driven

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When providing a quote for your vehicle we make the following assumptions:

1.    You have the registration certificate (V5C) for it.

2.    You have at least one copy of each key needed to unlock and start your vehicle.

3.    Your vehicle has all of its major parts.

4.    Your vehicle has no major damage.

5.    Your vehicle starts and drives.

6.    You have provided an accurate mileage reading for your vehicle.

7.    Your vehicle has not been used for rental, private hire, driving tuition or as an emergency vehicle.

8.    Your vehicle has a current MOT.

9.    Your vehicle has never been categorised by an insurance company as a write-off.

10. Your vehicle has a full service history.